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Selecting The Correct Broadband Speed

In the nascent moments of the internet, connection speeds were monumentously lethargic as people connected to the internet via their basic phone lines. Hours and hours were spent in boredom while people browsed the basic message boards and online chat rooms that were the first generation of the connected world wide web, while people were unable to be contacted by telephone while surfing the net. That was back then, however. Now, because the internet has evolved into an interactive high speed experience, so the average online internet user has a broadband connection which would seem incomprehensible to those people online ten years ago.

Super fast internet is now as standard across the world as the price to set up such connections has dropped dramatically. Whereas once 56k modems were the standard way to get online, so now quick routers pinging wireless connections around neighborhoods is thought of as the basic set up. It is the perfect storm: as speed goes up, so price goes down - a boon for the consumer.

A significant number of ISPs (internet service providers) are giving ever increasing speeds of broadband to their customers in an attempt to be at the forefront of the technology and gain the largest market share. Speedy internet connections are responsible for many of the leaps forward in computing that we have today.

Whereas once people were constricted to browsing the internet in a boring, text heavy manner, today's internet is interactive, graphics heavy and full of audio and video. That was simple a sparkle in the average user's eye some years ago, but is now the norm. The average user today will come across whole mountains of videos and audio, most of it streaming, and may even dabble in replacing their traditional phone calls with the new voice over internet protocols software available which harnesses the sheer speed of the internet.

Gamers are also happy. Increased connection speeds mean that a once solitary activity spent alone in front of a computer has become a user rich interactive experience, communicating with fellow gamers around the world in massive multiplayer online RPG games (role playing games). They are becoming ever more detailed as the graphical and technical capabilities of the new online world are forever pushed to their limits.

Some businesses have migrated the majority of their work online, too. In some companies, the majority of employees are able to free themselves from their desks and work from home thanks to the ease of transferring large amounts of data over the super fast internet connections which are standard across the world today.

Broadband comes in a variety of flavors, which makes it important to pick the right one. Speed and download limitations means that for every user there is a tailor made internet.

The entry level standard internet speed currently stands at around 2MB (though as technology improves, that is likely to increase). This is perfectly sufficient for basic browsing and some simple video watching on occasion, and is taken for granted in most western countries.

However lightning fast speeds, going beyond the 50MB barrier, can be bought by the most interested and engaged broadband users.

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